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Community Music
workshops for schools, youth groups, community groups

Rhythminc workshops take the group on a musical journey to Africa and beyond. Participants learn about West African hand drums, basic rhythms and songs and chants from the world over. Siobhán uses rhythmic games, body percussion and fun exercises to introduce the group to rhythm, movement and self-expression.
Improvisation is a key factor, encouraging everyone to create their own sounds and develop the musician they naturally are. Through imagination, visualisation and creative music-making the group learns about rhythm, timing, listening, self-expression and working together as a team with lots of fun along the way.

Workshops range in duration from 1 hour 30 minutes to one day.

Siobhán Daffy has experience facilitating groups of all shapes and sizes. She has worked with primary and secondary schools, many special needs centres and other groups including:
Youth Reach, CDVEC, refugee summer projects, cáirde, Focus Ireland and Womans Aid.

Sample Children's Workshop

Children's workshops are tailored to meet individual needs.

Each programme begins with warm up exercises:

  • body percussion
  • clapping games
  • call and response
  • rhythmic games
  • vocal techniques
Children are introduced to drumming through West African hand drums, piecing together simple rhythms. This provides an opportunity to explore different cultures, musical techniques and new sounds in a fun environment. We also look at improvising together; finding one's own sound and learning how to express it. Very popular with all ages! Unlimited use of the imagination is encouraged, we use a variety of instruments to facilitate our musical journey.


  • introduction to rhythm and musical composition
  • sharing, listening and learning within a group
  • lots of fun
Email me at:siobhan@rhythminc.com
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