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Ongoing Drum Sessions

Siobhán runs weekly African drumming sessions. These sessions focus on drumming together in a group environment. We play African polyrhythms from Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwae, Morocco, Haiti and more!
Rhythms vary from lively festival pieces to ceremonial trance rhythms. Each evening is a jouney to a new and magical location. We also look at piecing together simple songs and chants from all over the world and through fun improvisations we create our own sounds and music. Warm-up includes body percussion, movement, meditation and relaxation techniques.
A variety of drums and percussion instruments are provided. Lots of fun for everyone...!!!


Current Venue:   St. Audeons School, Cook St. Dublin - Near Christchurch Cathedral
Time:   7:00 - 8:30pm Every Wesnesday evening
Cost:   10
For details/booking contact:   Siobhán at 01 4597811 or 087 4179710 or email below



Weekend / 2 Day Workshops

Highly recommended for an explorative journey through rhythm, sound and creative expression. A transformative group process with much sharing and openness. Together, we create a safe space where we can relax and be ourselves while learning new and exciting rhythms.
A longer workshop gives plenty of time to explore different techniques, complex rhythms and mind-bending bell patterns!
All workshops include plenty of improvisation and use of creative imagination. We look at musical composition, voice work, movement and discover the musician within!

A variety of drums and percussion instruments are provided. We also use body percussion, vocal rhythms and rhythmic warm-up exercises to get in the groove.
These workshops are suitable for beginners or those with more experience.

Groovy Sunday

Relaxed workshop for women, with lots of meditation,
voice work, and improvised percussion.
In a venue near you, call Siobhan if you are interested in having this workshop happen near you!

Email me at:siobhan@rhythminc.com
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